Moon Taxi at the Ryman

We spent the past weekend in Nashville for two days of Moon Taxi at the Ryman Auditorium. I love the history and the stories behind the venues we go to. Some of the greatest legends in music played on that stage, and filled that auditorium with heavenly notes. There is just something about a venue that was at one time a church that just gives the show something extra, music can be a spiritual experience anyway.

Friday night was night one. The show opener was a New York City based band called Too Many Zoos. They are a three man band comprised of a trumpet player, saxophone, and drums and percussion. You can tell they are passionate about the music they are playing. Leo, the saxophonist, has a stage presence that is as bright and energetic as his green hair and rhinestone cowboy boots. They need a little more variety, but they have great energy and a love for what they do, I would say they are ones to watch.

Moon Taxi led off their set with “Mercury” and the entire auditorium rose to their feet. A venue such as the Ryman, doesn’t give you much room to shake a tail feather, but that didn’t stop anyone. Trevor belted out their hits and then shook things up with a “Hotel California” cover.

Nailed it.

The boys from Too Many Zoos joined Moon Taxi on stage for “Two High” to close out the show before a three song encore. Friday night was a great show.

We were rather disappointed with Saturday. It was basically the same show. We aren’t used to two night runs being repetitive. Too Many Zoos performed the exact same set as the night before, which was slightly expected since I doubt their song vault is loaded yet. Moon Taxi opened their set with “Year Zero” which we heard the night before. They played a handful of songs they didn’t play Friday, but it wasn’t enough to justify going to both shows.

Friday Night Set List     

  • Mercury
  • Change
  • Make Your Mind Up
  • Who’s To Say (Ft. Leo from Too Many Zoos)
  • Not Too Late
  • Year Zero
  • Suspicious / Sweet Dreams
  • (Young Journey) Gunflower
  • River Water
  • Red Hot Lights
  • Moving To The City
  • Hotel California
  • Two High (with Too Many Zoos)


  • Morocco
  • Run Right Back
  • All Day All Night

The songs in bold are the ones we heard both nights.

It was still a great weekend and a great show, we just won’t be doing any two day Moon Taxi runs again anytime soon.

Put em up, two high!

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