When disaster strikes, we look for the good, we look for the helpers. We need something to make us feel comfort. After the recent hurricanes, there was so much devastation, loss, and heartbreak. There were also extraordinary acts of overwhelming kindness. There were people who drove double digit hours with their boats in tow to... Continue Reading →

Geode Knob Chest of Drawers

This was my grandmother's chest of drawers that needed some new life put into it. Some of the old wooden knobs were barely hanging on, the color had faded, and it was scratched to hell and back. I didn't take any before pictures, this was one of my first pieces, but it's also one of... Continue Reading →

Meet The Ginger

Hi, I'm Erica! I was born and raised in Alabama, where I currently work as a pediatric respiratory therapist. I have a sassy and hilarious 4 year old daughter from foster care, a brilliantly bearded boyfriend, and 4 cats that spend their time plotting world domination and destruction. I have zero impulse control when it... Continue Reading →

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