Morning Interrogations

I’m not a morning person.

At all.

If my alarm wakes me, I need a good hour-hour and a half before human contact. If I wake up on my own, I just need my coffee and I’m good to go. So, Monday morning after spending the weekend away for my birthday, I’m not the most alert person.

Sassy sees this time on our ride to school as a prime opportunity to interrogate me on random thoughts she had. She was one step away from water torture.

These are examples of the questions I was being asked, most of them staggered on top of other questions before I could answer anything. She remembers ALL the questions and expects ALL the answers.

“Who would win in a battle, Elsa or Splinter?”

“Do turtles have boogers like this one?”

“How do you spell sensei?”

“When will my elf come back? Exactly…what time?”

“Can you smell my feet?”

“Does my water taste like water to you?”

“How many hugs can I give Santa?  Can you call him and ask?”

“Wanna hear me burp?”

“What’s God’s favorite breakfast food?”

“Did you smell my feet?”

“How do you spell booger?”

“How much longer til I can hug Santa? Exactly.”

Most of these questions were in about a 2 block radius. Exhausting right? Then we get to school, and she won’t let me leave until I follow-up on all of my answers.

I’m not sure I have the energy for this day. Imagine the questions she going to come up with while she’s at school.

What are some of the questions your kids come up with?


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    1. Right! She wasn’t even on her A game today, thank goodness. I think my favorite question she’s ever asked was if I thought we should give Santa the gym membership coupon we received in the mail.

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