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I, like a lot of people, use Uber when I travel. It’s easy, convenient, and I don’t have to find parking. They are also the most reliable designated drivers. A large majority of the drivers want to make the experience great for the passengers so they can get higher ratings, they have snacks, whatever music you want, great conversation. If you use Uber a lot like I do, then you’ve had at least one awkward Uber.

Over the weekend, Kent and I went to Chattanooga to celebrate my birthday. While we were there, we got an Uber to drop us off at the Tivoli.

That moment when you get into this trusted strangers car, and…crickets. Nothing but the sweet sound of silence and awkwardness. Which in turn makes you feel weird for talking. I’m even aware of how loud I’m breathing. That. Much. Silence. This is just a hoot for someone with anxiety, where the worst case scenarios are our specialty.

My mind instantly starts wondering if he hates us based on sight, or if we annoyed him by making him drive to a certain location. I’ll chew on those thoughts, until the awkwardness passes the 5 minute silence mark. Apparently, around 5 minutes of silence in an Uber is the time it takes me to escalate to “he’s going to murder us”. At this point, it’s obvious to me we are in the bone collectors car and Denzel Washington is our only hope.

Let me also add, there was the lovely smell of trash can farts that he kept replenishing us with every few minutes.

Needless to say, we made it to our destination without having any of our bones collected. Even when we got out of the car though, silence.

I have enough social awkwardness all on my own, I don’t need Silent Bob’s help.

So, what is your awkward Uber or Lyft story?


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  1. While I don’t have an awkward Uber of Lyft story, I do have a pretty entertaining taxi story. I was on my way home from a night out in Oxford, and missed the last bus. I wandered down to the local taxi rank, and got in a cab – an Indian guy, with all sorts of religious things hanging up inside the cab. Along the way – with no radio on – he started singing at the top of his voice. I’m still not sure if it was terrifying, or hilarious.

  2. Funny 🙂 i think indeed you were so lucky you didn’t end up dead or worse.

    Only been in an uber once in London, and he balanced the fact that he was half the price of a black cab by deciding to head the wrong way down the road. Still, saved me twenty quid!

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