Sweet November

November is the one month of the year when people purposely sit and contemplate about the things in their lives they are truly thankful for. Most days, being gracious isn’t at the top of my list. In all honesty, most weekdays I’m just trying to make it home after work, through rush hour traffic, without Sassy repeating any of my “traffic words”. We, as a collective whole, don’t take time in our busy day-to-day to stop and be thankful.

This November, is different. This one is special. This month gave me the greatest blessing I’ve ever received in my 32 years of living. This sweet November, I am officially adopting Sassy. On the 17th, I signed the towering stack of paperwork, filled out her new name, and exhaled the biggest sigh of relief imaginable. I think most importantly, Sassy got to go to school with her new name she has been longing to go by for a year. Talk about one happy and thankful little girl.

I’m thankful for amazing friends that recommended the best attorney for the job. Our attorney jumped into action, and miraculously reserved us the last available court date of 2017. I was already told it would be January, and I was fine with that. Yesterday, I received the best early Christmas gift possible. We will go before the judge on December 5th. That’s also my late grandfather’s birthday. My grandfather that adopted my dad. Pretty beautiful if you ask me.

Actual representation of my reaction to everything!

This November, I am thankful for the heartbreak and torment infertility caused me. That’s right, I’m thankful my uterus can’t do it’s one and only job. I’m thankful for every single negative test, for the pain, for the doctors being wrong. I’m thankful for most types of adoptions costing astronomical prices. For God finding a strength in me I didn’t know I had, and sending me to the foster system.

It’s not easy being a foster parent, I don’t sugar coat things. It’s stressful, terrifying, maddening, but yet the greatest thing you will ever do. I’ve spent the past two and a half years on pins and needles, fearing that she would leave me. Knowing I am her mother, but not knowing if that’s what I’ll remain. When they brought her in the room to me all those months ago, I knew right then, she was my kid. Sometimes you just know.

This year, I am thankful for 2 and 1/2 years of labor pains, coming to an end. I’m thankful Sassy has her new name, and that we’re stuck with each other now. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is National Adoption Month, or that we signed on the same day of the month I took her home. It’s serendipitous to us.

Today, I’m thankful for every single bit of the bad, because I wouldn’t be here with Sassy without it. Sometimes the journey you keep trying to force yourself on, isn’t the one for you. Surviving the storm, makes you find beauty in the rainbow not everyone can see. I can see the beauty in my pain and tragedies now, her name is Stella.



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  1. One of the most important life lessons I’ve learned in my almost 72 years is that timing is truly everything. Out of the depths of our most painful disappointments, disillusions, an amazing undeserved joy surprises us and calls us to a new purpose.
    Good for you and your daughter – Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Erika I haven’t seen you in person since Sassy was a baby. But you have always made it clear just how much your very busy life always included your love for Sassy. You obviously were destined for this and God has been with you the whole way. Congratulations to you and your evergrowing family as your love only grows.

  3. OMG – how have I never read back through your blog and never found a hint of this? My three daughters are adopted. I’m in pretty much the same boat as you. I can remember our day in court like it was yesterday. I remember being officially approved to adopt to. It took us about two years from beginning to end. I’ll find the old posts out for you.

  4. I’ve popped over for a nosey and came to this. Beautiful post. Sounds like you and Sassy have been so lucky to find each other and have a very rewarding life to look forward to. Looking forward to reading some more of your blog. I’m not ginger, but I do have the whole freckle thing going on and relate to more than my fair share of items on your list of 32 😉

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