The Snackside Down

The wonderfully retro world of Stranger Things. I highly doubt the genius minds at Netflix can make me happier with any other show. It quickly became a fan favorite. Season 2 dropped last month, and let’s face it, we all binge watched it before the weekend was over.

Now we’re stuck waiting a year to see what other shenanigans the kids in Hawkins will get in to.

However, in the meantime, I found this little jewel to ease the pain of waiting. Sesame Street also knows how wonderful Stranger Things is. There is a parody on Sesame Street of Stranger Things. AND IT’S FANTASTIC!!!!

It even has Barb!!

The Sesame Street version, “Sharing Things” is about Cookie Monster becoming a Cookiegorgon and needing more snacks after he ate everything in the Snackside Down.

There’s also a literal 11 and 8.

Thank you Sesame Street for making a pretty Mondayish Tuesday, a little brighter!


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