No Resolutions

Every year, around this time, people start declaring their life changing resolutions. Let's face it, 95% of those won't even make it to the middle of January. We tend to tell ourselves we'll do things tomorrow, or when we have time. We never have time. Why do we wait until New Year's to make a... Continue Reading →

A Good Year

We are nearing the finish line of 2017, and there are a lot of strong emotions about the year. So many things happened in 2017, and the bad were so breathtakingly awful, that people are having a hard time seeing any good that came from '17 at all. I myself, was a pretty big fan... Continue Reading →


Raise your hand if you might have gone a little overboard on your kids Christmas gifts this year! No one?....Just me? At least I can walk in Stella's new playroom and see what my bank account looks like in product form. My child is also extremely grateful for everything she is given, which makes it... Continue Reading →

Mystery Blogger Award

This morning, on Festivus Eve, one of my favorite bloggers nominated me for a blogging award. How am I supposed to air any grievances when the blogging world continues to bear hug me? Seriously, the love I have received from ya'll has been overwhelming, and I thank you! So on to it... Jonathan over atĀ Strange... Continue Reading →

Best of 17

http://2017 Favorites This is easily my favorite photo from 2017, and possibly ever. It was a long road to get here, but after 903 days, one less orphan. One less child in foster care. One less childless mother. One happily ever after.

Strange Traditions

Most normal families have certain traditions, especially at Christmas. My family is not what I would consider normal. With us, it's not so much the gift itself, but what absolutely ridiculous, absurd, impossible, and sometimes gross thing you have to do in order to get your gift. Yes, we are the family where any gift... Continue Reading →

It Takes A Village

I wanted to do something different for Stella's adoption day photos. I wanted the pictures to tell a bigger story than just the day. You've heard the phrase, "It takes a village" and I truly know what that means now. These photos let our village tell our story. It wasn't just about Stella and I,... Continue Reading →


Here in the South, it stays miserably hot the majority of the time. It's normal to walk outside in August into over 100 degree heat and 2,000% humidity (i exaggerate a little). We are actually used to that nonsense. When Fall starts to show her beautiful face, you'll see people walking around in ski gear... Continue Reading →

Compassionate Care

I recently heard a healthcare worker say something rude about a child in their care that laid heavy on my heart, and thus this post. Over ten years ago, I became a respiratory therapist. In that time, I've learned the most important aspect of patient care, is compassion. It's also become something healthcare can lack.... Continue Reading →

Lunacy I Tell Ya!

It's election day here in Alabama, and people are in rare form. There was a lunatic at the entrance of my subdivision this morning, putting his "Vote for Moore" sign in front of windshields as people were pulling out onto the highway. A driver in front of me swerved to push the man back away... Continue Reading →

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