Manic Monday!

Holy guacamole, it’s tomorrow! The day I’ve been waiting on for 902 days. Sassy’s adoption day!!!!!!

Seeing as how my brain is a chaotic storm of emotions and anxiety I thought I would share another bloggers adoption journey.

Jonathan over at Strange Codex has one of those writing styles that just sucks you in to whatever story he’s telling you. Plus, he’s hilarious. He adopted his daughters from foster care, as am I. Hop on over to his page and send them some love.

Here’s where to find him

TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re gonna celebrate!

Leave me your favorite celebration songs in the comments, momma’s making a playlist!


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  1. I am so happy for you! That is so great! You are doing something amazing for another child and yourself. Being a parent is the best even when it is stressful. Congratulations. I love Rare Earth’s version of “I just want to celebrate”.

        1. They’re trying to give me a case of the Monday’s. Can’t bring me down today!! I’ll get someone much smarter than I technologically speaking to take a look.

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