Living With Dragons

This is a repost from my old blog site motherhuslter. This was one of my favorite posts I made there and wanted to share it with you. This was written about 2 years ago when I was fostering three toddlers. It was an endless fountain of material.

I recently saw a meme online that pretty much summed up what it’s like to be surrounded by tiny humans (by tiny I mean toddlers). It went a little something like this…

“Why are kids so mean? They will not spare you, they’ll straight up ask “why is your hair so ugly?” or “your makeup looks funny”. They will drag you through the dirt while holding a Capri Sun in one hand and graham crackers in the other.”

You might possibly be chuckling right now, but everyone has at one time or another been victimized by a child. I live with three, so for me, it happens daily. They are relentless and show no mercy. They will slap you across the face with their candor, and smile while they do it. It’s their innocence that makes them so vicious I think. And honestly, who are we to be butt-hurt? I’m pretty sure one of the things you do as a parent is teach your kids not to lie.

In the not so very distant past, I have heard from my children…

“Mommy you eat a lot”

“You look like you need a nap” (I had just gotten dressed for the day)

“Please stop singing”


“Nana’s cereal tastes better” ( I mean really)

“Why are you so old?”

On occasion I do get the “You’re pretty mommy” from Sassy, but it’s mostly because she wants me to tell her how pretty she is. They all also developed a liking for scare tactics. It’s a risk walking anywhere in my house when it’s quite. A child could jump out and give you a heart attack check at any moment. The youngest one even bites.

My son refused to eat one night, looked me dead in the eye and calmly pushed his plate in the floor. After a long stent in time-out, he told me he would rather have McDonald’s because it tastes better. Sometimes kids are just cold-blooded.

There are days when it seems like a tornado would have left less of a mess in my house, and days where I would have to convince someone three toddlers live there. Some days it’s just not possible to contain the chaos. Are they laughing? Good, that means they are happy and no one is screaming. I’ll clean up the mess later. Days like this, Sassy is the first to tell me how dirty the house is just in case I was suddenly struck blind in my sleep and couldn’t see the damage.

Sometimes, they are exceptionally cute though. Last night, after the other two went to bed, Sassy came and got in my lap and just wanted to hug me. She told me how I was her best friend, and kept telling me she loved me. That right there. That. That is worth every soul crushing comment, every crazy chaotic day, every unexplained food stain, and every hour I lose to cleaning. Those are the moments when they become less “dragon” and more “tiny person”…until they hear the word “bedtime” anyway.

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  1. I think I might have read it before on your other blog, but nonetheless:
    1. The ending was just so precious.
    2. Thank you for making my day. I was laughing the whole post through.

  2. As usual, you had me laughing. My youngest can be so cruel. Nicole said to me just the other day “Can’t you do anything for yourself?” this was while I was trying to get her up for the morning and had threatened to call dad to wake her up! KIDS

  3. beautiful post. As a father of four I can relate. I struggled with the chaos when they were in diapers but I miss those days. And yes, some of the things that come out of their mouths

  4. The other day my seven-year-old asked me: “Why are your hands like an old lady’s hand?” But a few days later he said “thank you for the pancakes” , and that made me feel like the best mom in the planet.
    Cool post, very relatable.

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