As most of the country is aware,  Larry Nassar is a disgusting excuse for a human. His trial, like most, has been publicized for all to watch. He’s already been sentenced to 40-175 years on the multiple child abuse charges and a separate 60 years on child pornography charges. The last of his sentencing is currently going on as we speak. This monster abused over 150 young girls and didn’t feel he needed to be in the courtroom to hear their witness statements, and of course accused most of them of lying. The judge was not about to entertain his lunacy.

Today, a father of three of Nassar’s victims watched in court as two of his daughters read their statements. He had to sit in the same room with the man who abused his daughters and hear things he was not aware of before. Mr. Margraves asked the judge if he could speak, and asked for 5 minutes alone in a locked room with Nassar. The judge denied and then he asked for just one minute. When that request was also denied, he did what most fathers would do in that scenario and lunged after Nassar. To my disappointment the officers took him down before he got to Nassar.

Vigilante justice doesn’t work. That’s not justice it’s vengeance. However, in the case of evil such as this, couldn’t one or two of the officers just suddenly be plagued with leg cramps, or trip, and just be terribly slow to react. Letting him get one or two punches in wouldn’t have killed anyone. It probably would have been extremely therapeutic for the entire courtroom.

On the other hand, Nassar having to live out his days in general population in prison as a known child offender would be far worse than anything Margraves could have done to him. Even though he’ll probably be sentenced to solitary confinement for this reason, I’ve seen Sons of Anarchy, I know there’s a high possibility he’ll meet the same fate either way.

The judge let the dad go free and clear, of course. He heard things he never imagined he would have to hear, and acted as any parent would.

I know if it were my dad, or even my brothers, there would be one less prisoner to upkeep.

There is nothing to make up for what these families went through, and are still going through. Hopefully, knowing there is one less monster, and a little less evil walking the streets, will at the very least give them peace.

I know I’ll sleep better.

And now these three girls know they have a father that will walk through the fire for them a thousand times without blinking. Maybe, hopefully, the healing can begin.

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  1. I wish I could say there is some justice in this situation, but it’s hard to think of an appropriate punishment for what Nassar did to these young ladies. It’s much harder to think of now, being a parent and all, but there is most assuredly a special circle in hell for people who mistreat youth.

  2. I’m glad to hear that the father wasn’t fine for what he tried to do. If he actually got to this guy and even laid a finger on him, the guy could sue for not being protected. That’s the world we live in,…

  3. I often find myself in those situations – when as a parent you know somebody else has crossed a line, and you go to bat for your children. It’s almost instinct. It may not always be right, but there’s not much you can do about it sometimes.

    1. Right! Luckily Stella is still at the age where not even her friends are mean. However, she is a hugger, even to strangers. I’m always giving people the stink eye just to make sure they realize I’m a momma bear.

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