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There aren’t many places around here I loath more than Wal-Mart. If you read my post Prime Mom, you understand my hatred. I had to brave the Earthly Hell with fluorescent lighting to get Stella a new car seat. It went as well as could be expected.

We were standing in an aisle as Stella picked out her new bubble bath when I saw her. I watched as a woman came around the corner wearing the dreaded flu mask, and looking like she’d been hit by a dump truck. The closer she came, the more I started to hold my breath. Anxiety takes up enough of my time, I don’t have any left over for the flu.

I was trying to hurry Stella along as she was meticulously checking and comparing every single bubble bath in her arm reach. Then I saw it.

This woman pulls down her mask, coughs several times into her hands, and then starts touching items on the shelves.

I know I had to have been angrily looking at her for a few seconds before my mind could even grasp what I witnessed. She looked at me and said “What? I don’t want to cough in that mask. That’s gross” I can’t be held responsible for what happened next.

Being a mother, a respiratory therapist, and someone who doesn’t want the flu, I released the hounds. This crazy lady got a rage filled education on the number of flu related deaths, how it spreads, and why she’s part of the problem. As I was walking away to find Lysol to spray on everything that nut had touched, I heard an applause from the aisle over.

It’s truly not that difficult to be considerate of others. If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here lathering myself in Purell.

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    1. I guess the mask was more of a beacon, letting us know we were doomed, while we had to sit back and watch. She wasn’t even apologetic, she just rolled her eyes and walked off.

  1. I’m shocked she was even wearing a mask. Most of them don’t. I had a coworker who wore a mask, but would pull it down every time she talked… Yes, we did butt heads.

    1. We’ve become a selfish society. The mask is uncomfortable, or gross to cough in, so it’s much easier to just expose everyone else. Stay at home first of all. Hence why it’s an epidemic. Had to hear about another child that died from it this morning on the news.

  2. Ah, the ever-present ignorance (or is it “don’t give a damn?”) of the American public. Why, pray tell, bother wearing a mask to limit the spread of germs only to lift it to cough-sneeze-what have you? Someone should invent a bag which fits over the entire head and securely fastens around the neck–a “gas mask” for the germ-ridden. Good for you and your proactive approach. Now please don’t tell me she weighed 300-plus and was riding one of those carts with her butt crack hanging out. (God, now I feel sick!) 🙂

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