I’m Still Laughing

I’ve always been honest and open with Stella about how we became a family. She knows that I wasn’t her first mom, and that she didn’t grow in my belly. I tell her she grew in my heart for a really long time, before she even started to grow in her first mom’s belly. We talk a lot about how there are all kinds of families, and each one is made differently.

I truly thought I had covered all my bases. I really did.

This morning, on our drive to school, it was pouring down rain. I’m trying to concentrate on the road and simultaneously entertain her. I’m “mostly” paying attention to what she’s talking about.

She starts talking about her pregnant ballet teacher.

Still mostly listening.

Then I hear her say, “The baby is still in her belly, it’s going to fall out of her butt real soon.”


Say what?

Now I’m laughing to the point of crying and hyperventilating, once I get tickled I can’t stop laughing, and I’m trying not to drive us into a ditch.

Stella did not find my amusement in her logic funny. She then starts asking me questions about birth, and I haven’t even had coffee or carbs yet.

I quickly changed the subject to the Ninja Turtles. If she asks again after school, for now her logic is correct. I wish her teacher the best of luck when the baby falls out of her butt.


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  1. Hot damn, that’s a funny story. I hope she’s walking around with, I don’t know, like a cat bed between her legs. You don’t want the baby to truly just FALL out of your butt.

    Also, Stella is just a gorgeous name. Some day, maybe play her the Miles Davis song “Stella by Starlight.” Equally gorgeous.

    1. HaHa! We listen to a lot of Grateful Dead, she thinks the song “Stella Blue” is about her! She also loves to tell people that her name means she’s a star!

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