Toddler Table and Chair

Sassy’s favorite color is blue, so I painted her a blue table and chair set with purple and green accents.

I had the table from college, I believe i paid about $15 for it from Walmart. I found the chair at a thrift store for $1.

This is the paint I used for the base coat, Ceramcoat in turquoise which i ordered off of Amazon. I put a solid coat on and let it dry for about 12 hours.


After the blue had dried, I sponged on the purple in random spots and wiped it in with a rag. I used this Carolina Fields purple from Soft Southern Strokes which I also ordered from Amazon.


I added some green stencil paintings for her after it was dry and covered with clear coat. This piece was not waxed.

Super simple and cute project. I started this on a Saturday morning and she was using it Sunday night.

Geode Knob Chest of Drawers

This was my grandmother’s chest of drawers that needed some new life put into it. Some of the old wooden knobs were barely hanging on, the color had faded, and it was scratched to hell and back. I didn’t take any before pictures, this was one of my first pieces, but it’s also one of my favorites so I still wanted to share it.

I used Rustoleum chalk paint in country gray. I did not sand the chest before painting. I cleaned it and started painting. I painted one solid coat of gray and let it dry for a solid 24 hours. Then I distressed it with a hand sander so I could be more precise.

This is what I used, I’m lazy and ordered it from Amazon. It works great, excellent coverage, one 30 oz can let me paint all of my bedroom furniture with a little leftover. And the  best part, it’s half the price of the famous chalk paints.

After everything was distressed, I covered the  chest with a coat of antiquing wax. I used a light wax and applied it with one of Kent’s old t-shirts. I used Soft Southern Strokes brand which I also found on Amazon. A little goes a long way with wax so it will last you a while.

I let the wax dry for another 24 hours and then gave everything a double coating of clear coat. The final touch of the new hardware for the drawer pulls was my favorite, it made the piece. I used green agate slices i ordered off etsy. I have included a link to the vendor’s page, she has so many beautiful things.

Here is the finished product