Do you remember waking up and going to school on Valentine's Day? It was usually a fun day, getting candy and cards. The last thing on any students mind should be if they will leave the school alive, if they will make it home again. On Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 17 lives were taken, and... Continue Reading →

Changing Childhood

I watched one of my favorite movies last night, Stand By Me, and it made me sad. Sad because that kind of childhood basically died with our generation. There are no more magnificent adventures to be had before dinner because you can't go outside alone without the fear of being a victim of some sort... Continue Reading →

No Resolutions

Every year, around this time, people start declaring their life changing resolutions. Let's face it, 95% of those won't even make it to the middle of January. We tend to tell ourselves we'll do things tomorrow, or when we have time. We never have time. Why do we wait until New Year's to make a... Continue Reading →

Friendship As We Age

As we grow older, many aspects of our lives change. We start to dress a little different, sleep patterns vary, and joints to start to make weird noises. One thing that I recently realized that also changes, is the types of friends you have compared to your age. Of course, certain friends, you have no... Continue Reading →

Hometown Tragedy

Bad things aren't supposed to happen in quiet, picturesque, sleepy little towns. They just aren't. This morning, the sleepy little town I grew up in was rocked by an absolutely disturbing tragedy. Hokes Bluff, my own personal Mayberry, was the macabre headline of the day. You hear about murder/suicide on the news, in books, on... Continue Reading →

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